Parrot CTFs Buys out Y2ksecurity

Parrot CTFs a growing cyber security education platform buys former ctf platform y2ksecurity after apparent failure to hit subscription quotas. learn more in this article.

Jan 16, 2023 - 22:35
Jan 18, 2023 - 23:46
Parrot CTFs Buys out Y2ksecurity
Y2K Security Bought out by Parrot CTFs

This is huge! The noticeable rise of Parrot CTFs could mean the end for some platforms! Earlier this month, we noticed on the Parrot CTFs Instagram page that there was a promotion running because they have just received new content. This peaked our interested and we decided to dig deeper.  

Y2KSecurity was a smaller CTF platform with all sorts of lab machines present. The owner of the platform a former Offensive Security employee created this as a way to compete against the former employers platform. This would be the Offensive Securitys proving grounds. For those who are unaware, Offensive Security is the company that maintains the popular hacking linux distrobution "Kali Linux". 

Kali Linux is used by many information security proffessionals in their day to day. Offensive Security also offers certifications like the OSCP, OSWE, and OSEP. The proving grounds are a way to practive before taking these certifications. The previous Offensive Security employee we know by his psyudonym "syspuke", had much success in the begining of the platform. It was discovered later on in the Y2KSecurity discord server that they had not met their subcription quota and had to shut everything down. 

This is not the end though, The founder of Parrot CTFs has had their eye on Y2KSecurity for quite some time. He reached out to syspuke and made a deal that resulted in the ownership of Y2KSecuritys assets. We do not know a lot about the deal that went down between the two. All Ryan the founder of Parrot CTFs had to say was "I was very interested in the content they were producing and did not want it to go to waste". He also sent us this picture: 

The way Hack The Box, Try Hack Me, Pico CTFs and Vulnhub are going it seems that Parrot CTFs may very well be catching up really soon. Many users are getting tired of the content they are producing and starting to migrate over to the new thriving platform.