Clearnet Criminal Marketplaces

Criminals use marketplaces such as,, to sell their illegal goods. This broadly ranges from cracked accounts, stealer logs, and other goods criminals would be interested in purchasing. This article is a deep dive into the marketplace providers which enable criminals to make profit online.

Jan 22, 2023 - 15:49
Jan 30, 2023 - 09:00
Clearnet Criminal Marketplaces
Photo of computer with criminal marketplace

Criminals communicate on many forums, and advertise their goods through threads to promote their product/service to other possibly interested criminals to make profit.

However - very rarely do these forums take payments direct, criminals use marketplace solutions to sell their own goods - and the marketplace takes a fee from the money made from purchases.

Here are a few marketplaces available on the clearnet:

  • - an israeli private company - rumoured to be owned by finndev, who has passed ownership of the forum onto Jason and Jocker (in fear of legal repercussions).
  • - a paid marketplace solution - you pay for access but do not have to pay fees on products purchased.
  • - a freemium solution - which has become increasingly popular for criminals.

These businesses may plead their legality - but all were created with the intention to cater to criminals. They may accept abuse reports by the authorities - but the existence of this criminal marketplaces are acknowledged a long time before they are suspended. was originally advertised on - a forum for likeminded criminals. Popular criminals were given beta access which increased demand in the community. Those users have been awarded with the "Shoppy Beta Tester" award.

So the question is - how and why are these marketplaces allowed to operate, as they sell your cracked credentials, or your PayPal logs - and launder your money through services such as monero?

This digital era - truly enables criminals to participate and engage in criminal activity, they have a grave advantage over law enforcement, and ordinary people.